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If the campaign remains available within a few days, it's likely that we determined it not to be in violation of our policies. Widget code Include the Widget code cole and marmalade videos you want the widget to appear on your page. I have already activated my account. We have a pretty diverse appeal. Please enter your password. Reddit is another good resource, there are so many subreddits about cats. We'll send them details of the campaign and your personal message optional.
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When Cole met Marmalade

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If I were programming the fest, I would pack it with videos of dogs and cats getting along or grooming one another, because while I know that well-adjusted pets of different species do have social relationships and form bonds, it always stops me short to actually see it. Chris Poole is managing the funds for this campaign.

Cat videos on the big screen at the Music Box, as they should be

Cole & Marmalade are perhaps best known for their funny and educational videos on YouTube Presently they have over , subscribers and Cole & Marmalade Santa Surprises Boy With Black Cat For Christmas After His Beloved Feline Passes Away Video!) k Views. She helps with video ideas and pics and is responsible for all the pawsome kitty props in our videos including costumes and EPIC cat castles! In , she.
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Or record one right now. Please help pay for Marmalade's Chemotherapy. Comment Share Delete Set as campaign.

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Chat with a coach. The campaign is for a personal cause. Set a personal fundraising goal. I have already activated my account. Chris Poole hasn't added a story. Record a video Upload a video. Will Braden runs the fest and told me that early on, reporters would ask:
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Buffy - Age: 25
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Your media gallery is empty. Say hello to Cole and Marmalade, two rescued kitties who not only entertain humans with their funny videos but also help raise awareness for cats in need.
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Marmalade tested negative for FIV, and when they introduced him to Cole, the We asked Christopher just what it is about these two cats and his videos that. The year-old English-born Cary resident is owner of two very popular felines, YouTube sensations Cole and Marmalade. This Cole and Marmalade video has some pawtastic Christmas tree alternatives that'll make the holiday more joyous for you and your pets.
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