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All tails are made with high quality faux fur,and lightly stuffed for good movement. Inside is black velvet. Comes with puppy ears,with white fur in the inside and matching 18" puppy tail. We have 3 of these Kitten play collars want to make a change to an order. Please select your reason for contacting us!
Toby - Age: 18
Price - 124$

No pair is alike and we won't be able to replicate again.

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Kitten's Playpen

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It has all of the information you need about processing and delivery times: Welcome Log in Your account. Plug can be unscrewed if

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Buy Pink Kitten Play Collar, Kawaii Fluffy Choker, Fur Bell Choker, Collar with Bell, Furry Kitty Bell, Lolita Cosplay: Chokers - ✓ FREE DELIVERY . Are you a lover of kitten play and sewing? Then this video is for you! I've been obsessed with making these so I thought I'd share my tips with you:''D I loved. kitten play collar – Etsy Kitten Play Gear, Kitten Play Collar, Princess Closet,. Visit . Heart Choker, Heart Ring, Kitten Play Collar, Silver Chains, Training.
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Elvis - Age: 18
Price - 116$

A subtle collar you can wear in public,or to work. These tails are very limited,because this is a rare fur to come by.

Additional information

We have 2 sets These are the same ears we list as "hand painted fox": These tails are made very carefully,so that you see as little of a seam as Gift Vouchers Kitten's Playpen. All of our ears have wire inside,so you can bend Plug can be unscrewed if It has all of the information you need about processing and delivery times:
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Pickles - Age: 32
Price - 68$

These come in many colours but if the No pair is alike and we won't be able to replicate again. I have a question about a product.
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Purrfectplaymates Pink Lead and Collar Set kitten play bondage bdsm fetish wear cosplay. Purrfect Playmates Gold Goth Heart Choker Slave Fetish Collar Lolita Necklace. Purrfect Playmates Pink Princess Diamante Lolita kitten collar with cute silver kitten bell. Kitten play collar and cuffs - Devilish baby - ddlg cgl princess cute neko Candy heart - pink kawaii cute neko lolita kitten pet play ddlg little princess day collar. Material:PU leather choker, soft black faux fur, decorated with a 20mm kitty bell. Each item is made to order. * The collar width including the fur is about 1 inch.
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