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Search Media New Media. It works great unless you've got your dog crated right next to the door, like I do. Join Date Dec Location new britain ct Posts cat proof dog door Fri Sep 10, 8: Your name or email address:
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I don't want them outside. Dogs don't normally care, but then you have a wet dog.

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The dog would be strong enough to push past the spring but the cat would not?? So the new SureFlap that lets some in and out selectively, depending on whether you program their microchip into the door or not, would be perfect. Last edited by iko on Fri Sep 10, 7:

Cat-proof dog door?

I have 4 cats and a very active 35lb mutt. 2 of the cats are very interested in going outside, although they don't just bolt for the door. I usually. Customers have various concerns about putting a pet door in their homes. Here we try to address some of the most common questions or issues with practical. We have a dog door that three dogs use to get in and out of the house but we have a kitten that we don't want going outside yet. He just.
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Why not put a waterfall type apparatus at the top of the door with a drain that recycles it to the top like a fountain.

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I've always had dogs and a cat or two around. And it has a curfew feature--after a certain time at night that you set , if your cats are outside they can get in, but can't get back until whatever time you set for the next day. The painting is best done while the wire is still rolled. The dog door will only open if there is a dog-key near, with no cat-key near at the same time. The new house has a good sized, fully-fenced back-yard. We'll be closing on a home purchase in about a week. I'd hate to lose this one, but I'd hate even more forcing her to live inside all the time.
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Opposite of our goal of allowing the dog in, the cat out
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Electronic & Magnetic Doors. Install a pet door in an exterior door to give your pet access to your yard. The door reads the unique signal of the key on your pet's collar and triggers the flap to unlock. A search for "electronic dog door" and/or "selective dog door" turns up several products ranging from $80 to $ (though they are others that. The SureFlap pet door is suitable for multi-pet households as it can store up to 32 pets in its memory. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is designed for large cats.
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