Cats upper respiratory infections

If your cat is unwell, please seek veterinary attention. There are some differences in clinical presentation between the two viruses, but these are not sufficient to be able to distinguish them simply from clinical signs: How you can support us Make a donation Our fundraising promise Leave a legacy Corporate giving. Duration of feline upper cats upper respiratory infections infections Generally an infection will last for 7—21 days. Although FCV and FHV are viral infections, secondary infection with bacteria is common and can contribute to rhinitis infection in the nose conjunctivitis, and even lung infections.
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Cats with retroviruses are especially vulnerable to the contagions, both through direct contact or indirect contact with contaminated objects.

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Cat flu – upper respiratory infection | International Cat Care

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How contagious is URI and can your own pets contract it? It is thought that the incubation period is the time of highest contagion.

Cat flu – upper respiratory infection

Upper respiratory infections are very common in cats, especially kittens. The term upper respiratory infection actually describes a complex. Are you worried your kitty may have a cold? Here is everything you need to know about upper respiratory infection in cats. Cat flu, or upper respiratory infection (URI) is a very common disease that can vary of cat flu. Infection with feline herpes virus can cause serious eye damage .
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Increase humidity within your home—this can be done with a humidifier or by taking your cat into a steamy bathroom several times a day for short periods of time 15—20 minutes.

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The information provided here has been put together by experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. With rest and good care, many cats will recover from mild URI in one or two weeks. Antibiotics are sometimes given to treat possible bacterial infections. Vomiting or diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours. Cats kept in large groups or colonies such as breeding catteries, rescue centres and feral cat colonies — in these situations the viruses are able to spread easily Unvaccinated cats Kittens Elderly and immunosuppressed cats e. How to guides Keeping your cat happy The cat friendly home Playing with your cat Indoors or outdoors? If you are bringing home a new cat that has come from a breeder or shelter , it is important to have her visit the veterinarian before introducing her to any cats you currently have.
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Bacteria and viruses are very contagious and are present in the saliva and discharge produced by the eyes and nose. Diagnosis Diagnosis by your vet is usually based on the typical signs associated with URIs, and exclusion of other causes.
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Cat flu, or upper respiratory infection (URI) is a very common disease that can vary of cat flu. Infection with feline herpes virus can cause serious eye damage . WebMD discusses upper respiratory infection in cats and includes symptoms, treatment, and prevention. An upper respiratory infection (URI) can be compared to a cold a person might get. Both human head colds and feline URIs can be caused by a.
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