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Nice to meet you! Kittens wichita ks Animals 8 available. Oliver was saved with his brother Twist from the animal shelter. Right now he is five weeks old and starting to. My name is Sasha, and I'm a playful, rascally, little girl disguised as a quiet wallflower. I am taller and skinnier than my sister who looks almost like.
Rascal - Age: 19
Price - 80$

Kylo is a pretty independent guy.

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I am a playful girl. If you're ready for takeoff into the world of kitty ownership, you should.


Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection, Inc. (LAPP) is a Wichita, Kansas based non-profit animal rescue and adoption kennel. Volunteers have dedicated. Welcome to our available kittens page at Petland Wichita, Kansas! Please take a look at all over our adorable kittens and let us know if you have an interest in. Beauties and Beasts is a state-licensed (c)(3) death row rescue located in Wichita, Kansas. Our purpose is to rescue death row animals from the shelter and .
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Cleo - Age: 29
Price - 84$

My brother, Bigs, and I are hard to tell apart--so much so that our foster calls us 'the twins.

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I can't get close enough to my foster mom, and I love rubbing my face. Oh, I also have the. If you're interested in a pet in foster care please call us to make arrangements to meet them. I'm not as tall as my sister, Kate, who looks almost like me, but I can. Sabine was saved with her kittens from the shelter. This rare breed of cat comes to us from the Orient. Due to unforseen circumstances I have to relocate to the UK and cannot take these beautiful babies with me.
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Peaches - Age: 33
Price - 68$

I am a playful girl. Hi, my name's Hanna, and I'm a bit of a shy girl at first. My name's Jelly Belly, and I'm a sweet, lil girl.
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The Wichita Animal Action League, or WAAL, is an all-volunteer, licensed rescue and (c)(3) nonprofit organization created in November to advocate for. Beauties and Beasts is a state-licensed (c)(3) death row rescue located in Wichita, Kansas. Our purpose is to rescue death row animals from the shelter and . Sabine was saved with her kittens from the shelter. She is very fearful after a long time of being on her own. She » Read more». Sedgwick County, Wichita.
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