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Shade ran back home and started planning a way to get out of BloodClan because they didn't let any cat leave. Or wise and secretive like a Starclan? Whats your Warrior cat clan? Big Five Personality Testallows you to adjust sliders to fine-tune your responses warrior cat clans a series of questions. What Warriors Series Clan do you belong to? Fan of Warrriors - Developed on:
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Kk - Developed on:

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What is my Warrior Cat clan? - What is your real personality?

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Rock, Claw, and Tooth. In the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, there are many different clans. Which Warriors cats Clan are you in?

Which Warrior Cat Clan Are You In?

Learn more about ThunderClan, a Warrior Cat Clan from the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. Learn the history of the Warrior Cat Clans from the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. Learn more about StarClan, a Warrior Cat Clan from the Warriors books by Erin Hunter.
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What Warrior Clan are you? Kk - Developed on: Very, very few have ever proved disloyal to WindClan or the warrior code in general. The cats in other clans are your acquaintances and sometimes enemies. This took forever but I got Shadowclan boiz. Wild Warrior Cat World.
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This took forever but I got Shadowclan boiz.
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Are you fierce and brave like a Thunderclan? Swift and loyal like a Windclan? Clever and strong like a Riverclan? Wily and proud like a. Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist interactive top ten list at TheTopTens® . Vote, add to, or comment on the Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist. There are five clans, in each clan there is a Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, and many Warriors. Each clan has a set territory that the other clans are not allowed.
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