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It has plenty of power and is enough for me. The other thing was cat 3208 specs the perfectionist Germans used exotic expensive stuff like roller main cat 3208 specs, designed to last thousands of hours in a tank that had an expected combat life of at most hrs. I don't think I ever turned a wrench on it. Just not looking to spend a fortune on something that will sit more than it gets run. I would go for the international for sure. I had one in a ford tandem, blew up, The motor has its place.
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While lightweight was important to an aircraft but useless in a 40 ton tank. Two trucks in the field one mile from wharehouse one combine. This guy never works anything very hard.

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I put so few hours on anything anymore as I have moved into larger tools, so any larger tractor on the place only gets hours a year.

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bkW/ bhp. rpm. Power produced at the flywheel will be within standard tolerances CATERPILLAR® ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. How many hp & Tq. can you get out of a cat ? Would this be a decent engine to transplant into a F? What else could you transplant in. General Diesel Discussion - Cat weight - Anyone know the weight of a cat with turbo?.
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A hopped up DT, if you could make it fit, would surely stomp all over a hopped up B.

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Options Quote message in reply? My insurance agent had told me they would not cover my hogs but they would cover every one elses. They are shorter block than the DT, but can easily be stroked to over cids and have lots of power. HTIAW hope this isn't all wrong. Scheids and Hypermax are both gurus on the IH straight sixes.
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I wish navistar myself would switch over to an inline 6 for smaller duty trucks. Aircons and heaters work great and has one at driving point, one in loungeroom and one in bedroom, can be run individually.
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bkW/ bhp. rpm. Power produced at the flywheel will be within standard tolerances CATERPILLAR® ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. CAT Cylinder Head Bolts. Bolts with 7 dash Marks Step 1 = 80 Nm, 60 Step 2 = Nm, Click for CAT engine manuals and specs. Originally produced in through a collaboration between Caterpillar and Ford, the Cat diesel engine was extremely popular through its entire production run, which lasted into the early s. The engine was used in heavy trucks, including tractor trailers, garbage trucks.
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