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Kittens eat litter litter is non-toxic. What should I do? I gave it new dry food and it ate it. My boy, a rescue, ate litter occasionally when he was very young but after awhile he stopped. However without examining Inara I cannot determine the specific cause of the symptoms or know if she is being affected by the heat.
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If you eventually hope to use clumping litter, or even silica, wait until Scruffy is at least 3 or 4 months old and understands that litter isn't edible, suggests the ASPCA. If you are able to split his feedings into smaller amounts more frequently throughout the day, that might help.

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Your house should be kitten-proofed for her safety, to ensure that she does not eat anything harmful, especially string items hair ribbons, electrical wires, window blind pulls , harmful chemicals cleaners, fertilizers.

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Most Important Thing About Your Kitten Eating Litter First. If you are using clumping cat litter, it is very important that you remove it immediately. Clumping cat. Some kittens will try to eat clumping litter. Not only is this an unappetizing choice for a snack, it can clump up in her tummy and cause some serious issues. I've seen cats come into the vet hospital where I worked because they had gotten sick from eating kitty litter (actually a German Shepherd once too!). But cats.
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Has Symptoms Weakness, weightloss. Dan S 3, 9

Eating Cat Litter in Cats

Although curious kittens may eat litter, excessive and persistent litter eating should be a concern for pet owners. Add a comment to Socks's experience. There are a few common causes for a cat to eat their litter which may include hunger, dietary deficiency, boredom, leukemia, anaemia and other causes; changing the litter regularly more so than normal or changing the litter completely stick with a non-clumping litter may also help. If she had conjunctivitis, she may be fighting off a viral infection and need further medications. Coffman is pursuing her personal trainer certification in Clumping litter in her digestive system can be dangerous, so if you have clumping litter please switch immediately!
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Try to encourage him to eat wet food or leave out fresh water for him to drink if he eats more dry food.
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It is important that you do not allow your cat or kitten to eat clumping cat litter therefore it is advised not to use clumping litter until your cat is old enough to know. Certain varieties are generally safe for kittens as they learn to use the litter box, but She holds a master's degree in food science and human nutrition and is a. A kitten eating litter consistently may have medical problems and should be taken to the vet at the earliest opportunity. Besides the problems that may be causing.
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