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When specifying more than one file on the command line, type outputs a few blank lines and the name of the file, before copying the contents of the file. You might want to change that title if possible. Demurgos windows cat equivalent You will then have access to cat, grep, find, gzip, tar, less, and hundreds of others. I try to rejoin tar archive which has been splitted windows cat equivalent a Linux server.
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Sign up using Email and Password. If you have to use a batch script and have python installed here is a polygot answer in batch and python:

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Find Command Usage Examples To find any text occurrence in all the files within a directory simply enter the following at the command prompt. The problem with type in this situation is it adds unwanted file headers when typing more than one file specified on the command line. I wonder how old are these DOS commands.

Equivalent of UNIX Grep command in Dos/Windows

You can use the ‘type’ and ‘find’ command in Dos/Windows to get the equivalent output of the UNIX ‘cat’ and ‘grep’ commands. The ‘find’ command can be very useful when you are trying to search for a specific text or phrase over multiple files. Is there an equivalent command on DOS/Windows which can allow me to do I need is the equivalent of the UNIX 'cat' command on Windows. binary files (SysInternals.) Powershell: Get-Content - Get content from item (cat / type / gc) Equivalent bash command (Linux): cat - Display the contents of a file.
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Sign up using Facebook. To see the content of a file simply enter the following in the command prompt: Jahmic 6, 7 46

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Also, you can use the apt package manager to get many Ubuntu packages. Comments 10 responses dutado says: Your title question and your description question are not totally in sync. Note that type is an alias for Get-Content, so if you like it better, you can write:. Indeed Find is grep like but alas not grep with grep, tr, cut it seems. And I found if I use type in Windows's cmd. Post as a guest Name.
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If such a thing existed while I was in university, I think I could have done most of my Unix programming assignments in the native Windows bash shell.
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Is there an equivalent command on DOS/Windows which can allow me to do I need is the equivalent of the UNIX 'cat' command on Windows. Windows type command works similarly to UNIX cat. Example 1: type file1 file2 > file3. is equivalent of: cat file1 file2 > file3. Example 2: type *.vcf > all_in_one. in CMD window. Can one open a file in Windows using the cat command in a batch file? The equivalent Windows batch command is type.
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