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Use them as teaching tools to help kids learn responsibility and lps dog and cat for taking care of living felines someday. Sorry, no special reque In very good used condition! Problem you are having, we will try our best to resolve it and make you satisfied. NO boxes,just in ordinary plastic bag. You will receive nice selection, 2 different Puppy Dogs! Dogs will be randomly selected.
Stewie - Age: 31
Price - 154$

Sorry, no special requests. We will be happy to resolve any issues you

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Mini playset with 1 dog or cat plus regular pet and accessories! Cat in picture is.

Littlest Pet Shop Dogs

Welcome to the home of the Littlest Pet Shop! Create your own unique collection, use the LPS Pet Tracker, and check out LPS videos, LPS games, and the LPS.
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Pixie - Age: 28
Price - 134$

Very good used condition! It is difficult to be perfect, occasionally a little. Pets will be randomly selected.


In good used condition! In perfect condition and authentic! Cat in picture is. Do I get to choose a Free Pet?. Has scuff mark on nose and tip of tail. Also they have no magnet. Sorry, no special requests.
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Rusty - Age: 23
Price - 133$

My daughter loved them if you have anymore I will be ordering more soon. NO boxes,just in ordinary plastic bag. Sorry, no special reque
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See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Lps Dogs & Cats collection. Join katielpsloverscord to create inspiring collections on eBay!. Find great deals on eBay for Littlest Pet Shop Dog in Littlest Pet Shop Toys. 6 lot Rare Littlest Pet Shop LPS Great Dane Dogs Collie Cat Collection Authentic. Welcome to the home of the Littlest Pet Shop! Create your own unique collection, use the LPS Pet Tracker, and check out LPS videos, LPS games, and the LPS.
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