My cat just sleeps all day

Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and…. Try CommunIt, the Twitter follower management tool. Most cat owners do not own a rectal thermometer imagine the agony of attempting to use one! How do I get my cat just sleeps all day sleep fast when I am not tired? If you suspect your kitten has anemia, check his gums. Problems In Dreamland While the number of hours kittens sleep may seem excessive to new kitten owners, oversleeping in kittens is usually not cause to worry.
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Any change in bowel movements, including diarrhea or constipation.

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Why Does My Cat . . . Sleep All Day?

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For example, a pound cat losing 3 pounds may not seem significant, but this is akin to a pound person shedding 40 pounds. Going to the litter box?

How Much Sleep Is Normal For Kittens?

Like all companion animals, though, cats require ongoing veterinary care to live happy, In some cases, it may be advantageous to see a veterinarian at a feline- only If a cat is sleeping more often and/or more deeply than usual or has difficulty lying A cat who has not eaten at all for more than a day is at potential risk of. Bottom line: If your indoor kitty often sleeps the day away, just know that she's a perfectly normal feline. However, if your cat is lethargic. Do they just sleep all day? Most cats sleep about 13 to 16 hours each day. If you think there is any possibility that your cat is sick, see your vet for a check-up.
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On average, cats can spend 16 to 18 hours daily sleeping. He may not like the litter substrate you have chosen — at least for elimination, that is. Sleeping much of the day away kept defenseless young wildcats safe in their nest, quiet and undetected by predators.

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Note whether your cat's coat is clean and free of mats. However, not all cats slow down in old age. They could also change their eating patterns. Changes in sleeping habits The key to differentiating abnormal lethargy from normal napping is knowing your cat's sleeping patterns. Stressed cats may spend less time grooming and interacting, or they may spend more time awake and scanning their environment, hide more, withdraw and exhibit signs of depression.
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Why does school make me really tired? Also, just as there are board certified specialists in veterinary cardiology and oncology, there are specialists in feline medicine who are certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners ABVP.
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Sometimes I think my cats sleep the entire day, waking up only to eat, but in reality, adult cats sleep around 15 to 18 hours per day. This can be. If your cat is sleeping all day and not eating or generally just seems like he's not feeling well, there's a good chance he may be sick. Knowing the subtle signs of. Bottom line: If your indoor kitty often sleeps the day away, just know that she's a perfectly normal feline. However, if your cat is lethargic.
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