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For my kittens, the water bowl though cats water bowl away from food own separate unit from the food bowl, is pretty much touching lip to lip and they haven't had issues drinking from it. Thank you, although we don't have a problem. Gypsy Spellweaver 1 5. This site uses cookies. In addition, from the behaviour of my cats, I'd doubt it anyway. This will foil even the most dedicated of cats. My cat has always done this and I have no idea why.
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Do cats prefer water from bowls that are far from their food bowls? If your cat has a plastic bowl, try a metal, ceramic, or even glass one. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Don't monitor the cats specifically, but I have never seen one drink from other available sources, nor ever hesitate to use the water bowl. Sign up using Email and Password. Cats in nature don't go to bowls, or "food sources" to eat, they hunt and catch their prey.

Suggestions to Make Your Cat Drink from a Bowl

Cats normally do not like it when their water bowl is next to their food. This is because in the wild nature they would not eat prey near water. In my experience of owning 7 cats, I too have noticed that they PREFER water away from their food as opposed to water by their food bowls. Totally agree!, I moved my cat's water bowl away from his food and now My cat used to have a water bowl and food raised up, away from my.
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Then there are times when she doesn't move the water bowl at all, she leaves it right next to her food.

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Do you already have an account? There are also cat drinking fountains that either constantly run water in a loop, or are activated by your cat approaching. A far better reason to get at least a few centimeters between both bowls would be the fact that it's easier to keep the cat from dropping anything into the water and thus contaminating it. Try moving her water dish to somewhere that isn't alongside her food. Some cats have stronger instincts for this kind of thing.
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No-one is really sure exactly why cats can be so finicky about their water but there are a couple of theories.
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Totally agree!, I moved my cat's water bowl away from his food and now My cat used to have a water bowl and food raised up, away from my. Cats tend to prefer more shallow water (and food) bowls. your cat may prefer to be able to drink in a neutral area, away from traces of food. My cat has always done this and I have no idea why. Her food bowl and water bowls are next to each other, but sometimes she will move her.
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