My kitten is lethargic

Has Symptoms respiratory distress. Typically, her and her sister play after about a hour nap, but she's been on and off sleeping for about 5 hours. He also was lethargic, not eating or drinking and not having a bowel movement. He was an stray found at 2 weeks old my kitten is lethargic was bottle fed by a foster until 5 weeks, I adopted him at 9 weeks old. She came up to bed with me my kitten is lethargic slept. She is still sneezing a bit and has some snotty nasal discharge.
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We took her to a vet and they found nothing it could be. Lethargy Questions and Advice from Veterinary Professionals. My 6 week old kitten has been lethargic and unusually thirsty and dry mouthed.

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Lethargy in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost

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After all the diagnostics were negative they gave him an antibiotic injection, fluid and prednisone to come home with.

Lethargy in Cats

If you've been keeping up with our Orphaned Kitten Blog Series you now know the basics of what to do if you find orphaned kittens. You can. Various conditions and diseases can trigger fading kitten syndrome, but there are Profound lethargy, low body temperature, pale gums, low respiratory . My feral cat mom had 6 next morning 1 was found dead. My kitten,Groot, will be 6 months old coming up. The last days he hasn't been eating much yet still drinking isn't anymore lethargic then usual yet.
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Symptoms of Lethargy in Cats. The initial symptoms were lack of appetite and extreme lethargy.

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Two nights ago, he did whine for the first time since we adopted him ten years ago. This morning when I work up she was in the same spot, my roomate reported that she hasn't moved much all day. Also, he isn't going to the bathroom. And is very very lethargic? She crouches to walk and when we pick her up - she makes a low guttural meow and her head rolls back.
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This is the first time he has acted like this.
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What are the warning signs that my kitten is sick? Common signs of a sick kitten include: lethargy, weakness, decreased or lack of appetite, less interest in. My kitten,Groot, will be 6 months old coming up. The last days he hasn't been eating much yet still drinking isn't anymore lethargic then usual yet. Common emergencies in kittens include trauma, respiratory problems, and vomiting. they are lethargic, not acting normally or not wanting to play; the abdomen seems bloated or Dear vet, thanks for keeping my cats alive.
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