Impact of Lifestyle on Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is becoming a growing concern among women in various parts of the world. It may even come as a surprise to find out that according to the Breast Cancer Sourcebook, women in the US face a higher risk of breast cancer than those in other parts of the world. A similar result was discovered by

Cancer Research UK that Japanese Women have a much lower risk of developing Breast Cancer, but upon immigrating to the US, those risks increased. The cause of such a finding is the change of environment and diet that leads to a higher risk.

In some cases, women may have an abnormality in their gene, which makes their tissues susceptible to developing breast cancer. These women have to make the extra effort to ensure their body stays healthy, steering clear of developing the risks associated with breast cancer. In fact, all women should take steps such as exercising regularly, reducing their intake of fatty foods, and eating the right nutrients that inhibit the growth of cancers.

Exercising regularly is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and this is crucial for the body to help risks stay lower. The cause of breast cancer formation is a spike in estrogen level and it’s often seen as a result of eating an unhealthy diet consisting mostly of fatty foods. This is because more fatty tissue in the body can lead to higher estrogen levels.

A Harvard study on the relationship between red meat intake and risk of breast cancer showed results that women who ate more than one serving daily had a higher risk than those who only ate one per week.

Eating a healthy variety of foods is imperative to reducing one’s risks since they contain nutrients that are vital for protecting the body. These nutrients include the indole-3-carbinol in kale, the lignan components in flaxseed and the ellagitannins found in pomegranates. If you think you know all of the facts about breast cancer, then test your knowledge with a short quiz provided by Health IQ.

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