Black cat vs catwoman

And when that happens, everyone thinks they can take what's yours unless you prove them wrong. Felicia attempts to flirt, but suddenly Superior Spider-Man attacks her punching her straight into her face taking out a tooth in the process. Although Electro accepts being depowered when his uncontrollable abilities prove dangerous even to himself, Black Cat continues her vendetta against Spider-Man regardless of who is behind the mask. Felicia Black cat vs catwoman is the daughter of Walter Hardya world-renowned cat burglar. Catwoman is also shown be insane in her actions.
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Originally Posted by Thinker Apparently one of the reasons certain creators and fans don't take Felicia seriously is because she is seen as nothing more than Catwoman estarz.

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But from now on, there's nothing holding her back and no limit to what she will do.

Black Cat vs Catwoman

About 39 years after, but according to Black Cat creator Marv Wolfman, she wasn' t a ripoff of Catwoman. She was created to be an antagonist for Spider-Woman. Catwoman vs Black Cat is a What-If? episode of Death Battle. DC vs Marvel! Which of these feline theme femme fatales is the the top cat burglar of this Death . Read Catwoman vs Black Cat from the story What if battles [REQUEST CLOSED] by IrohaNeo (Iroha) with reads. marvel, queensblade, wattpride.
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The Black Cat updates her look and her attitude and rekindles her relationship with Spider-Man.


She finds she has heightened strength , agility, balance, vision, and retractable claws. Originally Posted by Rahul. Not as much as bacon, but still Felecia is an anthropomorphic black cat in this reality from a Secret Wars Battleworld, where she is a crime boss and known as "The Cat Lady. Personally I think there are enough nuances between the two i. Later, after the crisis was resolved, she passionately kissed Spider-Man through his mask, her previous interest in him having gotten stronger. After musing about the endless fleeing and chasing, Bruce gets down on one knee and pops the question.
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Of course, this may have been a whole Man Thing- Swamp Thing bit rather than outright copying. She was quite known for wearing leather in the 60s. In issue 14 of vol 1 of this all-ages series, Spider-Man battles the Black Cat.
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Black Cat vs. Catwoman vs. Gambit. This Fight suggested by: A Concerned Citizen, Marius, Laura, StellarCat, RobF and Noel Schornhorst. Animation, Action, Comedy | Episode aired 10 November Season 3 | Episode Previous · All Episodes (65) · Next · Catwoman VS Black Cat Poster. Black Cat vs Catwoman, who would win a fight? Catwoman (Selina Kyle). 46 wins (50%). Black Cat. Felicia Hardy. 6. Black Cat. Powergrid. Intelligence.
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