Mother cat moving kittens to unsafe place

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I think a box is a great idea. Dangerous household items for kittens By linda in forum Cat General. House cats and stray or feral cats are similar in that they prefer to find a secure, safe place to have their kittens. If she is, then grab a cardboard box with a towel in it and place the kittens in. With kittens this small, you should be very careful mother cat moving kittens to unsafe place slow, letting the mother cat see everything that is happening.
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But the issue is - she's moving them into a very unsafe area. Then she'll put them right by the door so that it's a chorus of six screaming kittens.

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HELP! Momma cat moved kittens to unsafe spot!! | TheCatSite

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For the past 2 weeks, the kittens have been in our spare bedroom where no one has really gone in to bother them. She had 6 kittens, so it was quite a large litter.

Mom Cat Is Refusing To Move Baby Kittens Off An Unsafe Bed

Have you been able to fix mama up with another private place? I put my cat and her kittens in a bedroom closet with the door cracked for mama. Mom Cat Is Refusing To Move Baby Kittens Off An Unsafe Bed A while ago our 20+ year old dog died of Cancer and two days later a young, beautiful pure white . (ASK) Mama Cat Moving Her Kittens to Dangerous Spot mess and not get hurt but once her babies get mobile its not a safe place for them.
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Will the area be able to hold a litter box for the mother so she can relieve herself? It may have simply gotten a little messy so it's time for a cleaner space.

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Make sure to keep the bedding area dry and warm. To learn how to deal with an aggressive mother cat, scroll down! B Bree Apr 9, I know you can give your dog ginger, but what about your cat? She might not find the kittens and they will be without a mother. Yes, my password is: Anyways, my eight year old son started to call her Queen and eventually, she started to eat a ton, got bigger and loved me putting my hands on her belly until I finally confirmed she was pregnant by feeling her babies.
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Some mother cats resent having their kittens touched and may be aggressive. SH Sharon Holland May 11, One trick is to layer several layers of towels on the bed, so that you can take the dirty layer off the top and have a fresh set underneath.
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Mom Cat Is Refusing To Move Baby Kittens Off An Unsafe Bed A while ago our 20+ year old dog died of Cancer and two days later a young, beautiful pure white . If you've ever had a momma cat and kittens, chances are mom moved her babies or if mom feels the place has been compromised, she may move her brood. How to Move Newborn Kittens. Generally, a mother cat will seek out a safe place to birth her kittens. When she chooses a place, she generally has a set of.
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