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From Pillars of Eternity Wiki. The Watcher of Dyrwood: He told me a very different story about Nyfre - that she's a child-killer on the run. Obviously, your actions are important. Slay Nyfre at the tavern, return to Medreth, choose evasive conversations, and slay him and his men.
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Nyfre wouldn't get into specifics, but she claimed she'd crossed some powerful criminals in Defiance Bay. Pillars of Eternity II:

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Find Nyfre and lure her out to Dyrford Part 2: Medreth wasn't too happy about it.

Cat and Mouse

Quest Log[edit]. Below are all the possible Journal Entries. The entries that actually show up in your journal will depend on the decisions you. Cat and Mouse. While talking to Medreth (M29,1), you will learn that she is looking for an Orlan female Nyfre. Presumably, she stole from the Doemenel family. Doing this completes the quest, however if I back track and go to Woodend Plains and then travel north I encounter Medreth and his gang by.
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Domino - Age: 33
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I met Nyfre upstairs at the Dracogen Inn.

Cat and Mouse

I haven't sent her to Medreth - or warned her away - yet. She then requests an escape route. She admitted that she was on the run, but she didn't sound like the monster Medreth described. He doesn't exactly look official. Deadfire Official site Official forums. Lords of the Eastern Reach Pillars of Eternity:
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Chance - Age: 32
Price - 161$

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[] A Bug in "Cat and Mouse" quest - posted in Backer Beta Bugs and Support: [Description] Pillars of Eternity Backer; Deadfire Backer. 0, Cat and Mouse. , A woman named Nyfre is on the run and hiding out in Dyrford. 1, Scout around Dyrford Village for Nyfre. , Nyfre. Quest Log[edit]. Below are all the possible Journal Entries. The entries that actually show up in your journal will depend on the decisions you.
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