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He has the most loving and outgoing disposition. Blue, white, red, cream, and bicolor. SatoKatz Bengals — Small in home cattery. Specializes in silver, gold, cream, red, white, blue, calico, and black. Specializes in shorthairs; longhairs on occasion. Also works with British Shorthairs. Please feel free to call and let us educate you about this wonderful breed that we love so much!
Gidget - Age: 19
Price - 119$

Contact FurElyse Scottish Folds by: We pay special attention to educating our new kitten owners with information on care, behavior, supplies, food, illness, vaccines and preparing your children and other animals for the new member of the family.

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Persian, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair.

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Scottish Fold Cat Himalayan Kittens - Columbus, Ohio - Rated based on 3 Reviews "You are a thief that stole $ from me! So I. Scottish Fold cat kittens for sale in Ohio (OH). Scottish Fold Cats in United States. Meow! Why buy a Scottish Fold kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Scottish Fold kittens who need a home.
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Tigger - Age: 28
Price - 142$

Angtini Cattery — Small in home cattery. Our love for the breed has given us the opportunity to produce Maine Coons that are not only bred to meet breed standards but more importantly for health and temperament.

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Contact Emmers Scottish Folds by: Alena Mailyants and Vladislav Goretskiy Cattery: Both shorthaired and longhaired. Maine Lvrs Cattery is located in Northeastern Ohio. Ginger Pains and Daniel Shanley Cattery:
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Fiona - Age: 26
Price - 114$

Member, International Scottish Fold Association. We will help you along the way with advice.
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Cats & Kittens for sale in Columbus, Ohio. Petland Kittens Available for Sale. × Scottish Fold - MaleMale Ref ID: Birth Date: 5/14/() Pet cats/kittens altered prior to placement. Written sales contract with written health guarantee. Veterinary health certificate provided at time. DOB 8/15/18, Sweet, loving well socialized Scottish Fold male kitten available. Will be re. Madison, Ohio» Scottish Fold». $1,
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