Homemade cat litter boxes

Homemade cat litter boxes have a 12 year old messy cat, shes about 8 or 9lbs and still very agile. In fact, he prefers this over the old box. Any ideas on what to use for a liner? Unless the cat goes crazy digging in the litter it contains it really well. Having allergies luckily not to cats the store bought litters were the next to go.
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My sister shared this link with me, so I made it and for the past 2 weeks my three cats have been using this litter box. Just came back for some more tips! Can you be more specific?

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Smart DIY Options for a Cleaner Litter Box | Kissan tavarat | Pinterest | Cats, Litter box and Pets

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Thanks for stopping by and commenting! My husband came across your blog and we did this and it has worked out great. I have a big dog who loves to get into the litter box, Yuk!!!

Do It Yourself Cheap Mess-Free Cat Litter Box

This guide contains homemade cat litter box ideas. You may need a litter box of a different design than you can find to buy. One of the easiest materials to use in the cat's litter box is plain newspaper. After all, it is what the vet suggests after a declawing. Newspaper is plentiful, it is. The Original DIY Cheap Mess-Free Cat Litter Box. Even the most loyal cat lover will admit the litter box can be a not-so-fun aspect to these.
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I have four rescued fur babies and cat box patrol was not a favorite job with the old shallow boxes. I made this and I looooooove it so much. I hope both you and your cat like it!

How to make your own Mess-Free $6 Cat Litter Box:

I am so glad I found this!! If you figure out a liner, let me know — it would be great to know! We have four large cats that were always missing the litter box. So I am concerned that the clumping litter I use might stick really bad to it and be hard to scrape off the sides my cats pee along the sides and corners. With a love for Jesus, writing, organizing, and animals, especially chickens, she stays busy and definitely does not have it all together. One for each cat.
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Make the hole low enough to allow easy access for the cat, but high enough to cut down on tracked and kicked litter.
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The Original DIY Cheap Mess-Free Cat Litter Box. Even the most loyal cat lover will admit the litter box can be a not-so-fun aspect to these. DIY solutions for litter boxes and for hiding litter boxes | See more ideas about Pets, Litter box and Dog cat. Cats are the best, but living with a litter box isn't exactly an aesthete's dream. Get inspired with these real projects that range from simple IKEA.
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